Fragments: An Interactive Film

Fragments is an interactive pseudo-true-crime thriller. Structured around a series of interviews conducted with the friends and family of Charlie, the silent protagonist suspected of murder, the viewer decides if he’s guilty or not. The film utilizes the RGB+D Toolkit and 3D motion capture software developed by DepthKit to achieve a splintered and unique aesthetic.We conceived the non-linear narrative, wrote, directed, shot, edited and composited the film in six weeks. It was an incredible adventure that taught me about film making and the immense amount of work that goes into a creative endeavor like this.

The entire film was shot using a Canon 5D MIII + XBox Kinect. The two cameras are calibrated together so they essentially capture the same footage, one in RGB the other depth. We then processed the footage using DepthKit RGB+D Toolkit which is crazy fun as you can play around with bending styles and modes to achieve that wireframe, fractured aesthetic.

Fragments, has been selected to be part of the NYC Media Lab Summit in September 2015. Originally published at on June 10, 2015.

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