Imaging the future of digital financial services

I am so lucky to work for the largest bank in the U.S. and in a team dedicated to designing the future of digital financial services

Money is such a fundamental element of our society and culture. It’s an underlying factor for almost everything we do and how we interact with others. Whether we like it or not, financial health begets quality of life and overall well-being for individuals and families. People need clarity and access to their money in order to make the best decisions for themselves, and financial institutions like banks are uniquely positioned to provide that for them.

Chase Digital is on a mission to redefine banking through smart design and technology. With financial services ranging from banking and credit cards to loans and mortgages, there’s no shortage of opportunities for Chase Digital to create positive impact for the bank’s 90 million customers.

I see the impact of my work to the world in real-time. I was assigned to explore and design a digital experience on how the largest bank in the U.S. can collaborate with the largest online payment provider in the country. I lead the execution of customer inquiries for Chase online payments and e-commerce experience by conducting user research sessions, analyzing feedback and then identify needs as well as insights to evolve the user experience. I work closely with the PayPal designer and other stakeholders to present design decisions, articulating and rationalizing needs against user insights and business goals. I also deliver high fidelity flows, screens and interactive prototypes.

My works are very excited as a UX designer. I got to hack the emerging technology and play around with ideas on how can the largest bank in the U.S. leverage the technology to impact our user’s experience and shape the future of financial services. I have explored and design digital financial service experience using technologies such as Voice Assistant, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and many other fin-tech stuff. One thing makes my work different is that the largest bank in the U.S. has the platform and resources to make my ideas happen.

My job is also highly cooperative. Internally, I work in close collaboration with UX researchers and different product teams. When a design idea is approved, I work with the production designer and collaborate with Devs and Products to ship it. Externally, I work with third party and our product stakeholders to define third-party partnership strategy and drive the strategic vision and execution of the third-party integration.

What I really love about my job is people. I LOVE MY TEAM. They are the coolest guys I have ever worked with(We “did not” play ping-pong and board games in the office all the time). My managers see my success as their success. They mentored me and created safe space for the creative mind to grow in a highly regulated bank with many legacy systems. We embrace user-centered design(design thinking) and change rest of the organization one steps at a time.

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