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Luke LeFevre
Luke LeFevre is a man of faith. And not just in his spiritual life. Luke also has faith in those he leads. His passion is helping others find their purpose and full potential through the creative gifts God has given.
Note from the editor

I think there is something to say. Something that could change the world…or at least change someones world. In Donald Millers Book, Scary Close, he asks, “What if part of God’s message to the world was you? The true and real you?”. And what if I never said what he has put on my heart? What if I held it in and made decisions for my life based on what others thought? Fear is exhausting and debilitating. It eliminates actual creative work. Fear keeps us safe, that is it’s only purpose. I am trying to fight it. That’s what this writing is about.

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Luke LeFevre
I love God, I love my family. I am trying to change the world on Dave Ramsey's creative team.