How Homeschooling has Made Me a Better Mom

I am a doer, an achiever, and life with four kiddos does not stop me from trying to achieve something on a daily basis. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting everything checked off on my to-do list. But there’s one problem with that. It’s those four little lives that are growing right under my nose while I fuss over cleaning and to-do lists. I can literally go a full day without really looking at my children in their beautiful faces with all of the things that I think I need to accomplish for that day. Unfortunately most of the time what’s missing from my to-do list is actual mothering.

This is why home-schooling has been so good for me. It has literally forced me to sit down and look into my kids’ eyes and talk with them about their learning. We have had many great conversations, laughs, and even shed some tears because I have to be there along side of them teaching and guiding new concepts and reinforcing old ones. Sometimes we sit together reading our separate books or working on projects but we are in the same room next to each other together.

Little did I know that when I signed up for this gig that it would actually benefit me in more ways than I realized. In a way it has created a schedule of time that I can mother. This may sound ridiculous to some, but I actually have to schedule mothering into my day or I will get caught up in the homemaking and not the actually sitting, listening, and just being with my kids with nothing to check off. Sitting and playing with them doesn’t come naturally to me and so homeschooling creates that time to do something together.

There is definitely still a need for laundry to be folded and dishes to be washed but those things have recently come second to the precious time I get to spend discussing and helping my crew with their work. We are on this adventure together and some days they teach me more than I teach them. The to-do list will always be there waiting, but I’ve recently come to realize that my kids won’t be. Today I am thankful for the chance to home-school because the best achievements are not the ones waiting to be checked off on my to-do list but the ones that stare at me waiting for encouragement, guidance, love, and belonging.