The First Day Back

I am just going to be honest. The first day back into the routine after Christmas break is not my favorite time. That’s ok. It is a pattern for me, the drive back to Nashville from my hometown of Rockford is 10 hours of nothing to do but think. Last year was especially hard for some reason. That’s ok. Time off is refreshing. Some fog goes away when you are out of the day to day that you are used to. It’s beautiful and wonderful. It makes you question everything in your life. That’s ok as well.

Here is what I want you to know, it’s ok not to be the most excited you have ever been about what you’re doing right now. It’s ok. You are just coming back from some good times with family, where life was more front and center than work. It has you questioning some of your life choices. That is ok. That is as it should be. The world is running 4-minute mile pace and when you get off the track for a little while, you question whether you want to get back on.

We do our work as unto the Lord and we take breaks to re-create. So, just between you and me, it is ok to ease back into this week. It is ok to not just jump in and start running as fast as you were running 2 weeks ago. There are those people who can’t wait to get back, who don’t like being still. This message isn’t for them. That’s ok too. We need those people. For some reason artists and designers run to the beat of a different drum. We experience things and feel things differently. Don’t doubt yourself because you’re not fired up as much as a sales guy. We are all wired differently.

2017 is going to be an amazing year. It will have unexpected turns for all of us. The important thing to remember is something I read from Exodus 33 this morning. God said to Moses, “I know you by name and have shown you favor.” Moses responds, If that’s true, “then show me your ways.” God replies, “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” Moses is crying out for God to show him his ways. What do you want God? Show me your ways! And God says, “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” He doesn’t say where or what. We know there is a distant land of Milk and Honey. But what about today? He will go with you and he will give you rest.

But just be YOU today. As you do that God will go with you, he will give you rest and he will guide you. Just stop, take a breath and enjoy today. It is the first of many good ones.