An 11 Year-Old’s Guide to Cussing

by Luke Knapp

Note: Medium does not allow 11 year olds to have their own accounts, so my son Luke is posting on my account instead. This is his post, in his words, with his illustration.

Just last week in class, we were doing math. My group was a little confused about a problem. One kid at my table (who will remain anonymous) said “What the… -beep*-?” *Word open for interpretation. The kid hesitated though, making it sound un-decisive.

You shouldn’t be saying crass words at all in the classroom, but if the need arises, say them with confidence. You’re going be getting in trouble, so you might as well enjoy the moment. Let it ring through the room. Savor it, let it roll of your tongue. Relish it…

And then go to the principal’s office.

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