I really like having people around me.

Dear Self,

I normally write to you every morning around 6am but today I’ve decided to do something different.

It’s Saturday night and I am at an event called Campfire and I am standing in front of all the people who have come to the event.

I’ve decided to stand here and record a voice memo and use it to write tomorrow’s letter to you.

The thing I do every day when I speak to you is I tell you something that is very true for me.

So what is it right now?

(A very long 20 second pause whilst everyone looks at me and I come up with my answer…)

I really like having people around me.

And tonight I am looking at people who have come from a long, long way away and people who have been in my life at many different times. There are people here I knew from 20 years ago and have not seen since. There are people here who I am very close to now. There are people I love here. There are new friends. There are people who have worked closely with me.

And having those people around me is such a beautiful thing.

So, thanks.