No pressure. Drawing Luke Hockley.

No pressure.

Dear Self,

It is strange how a little bit of success doesn’t necessarily make things easier.

I have been drawing a picture every day for a few hundred days now. I publish them on instagram as a way of making myself accountable.

Basically it is a small group of friends following me and I have really enjoyed the feedback from them.

I’ve just discovered hashtags. Who knew! Hashtag a bunch of relevant ideas and lots of different people can find what you create.

Yesterday I published what was probably one of the least interesting drawings I have done and it got the most likes of any of my posts ever. I think it was the hashtag #tinyhouses or #smallspaces that did it.

Then the next picture I put up, which had the hashtag #Eurovision, ended up with a lot of likes as well. The picture was ok…but not awesome.

I’ve also been going through my pictures and choosing ones I’d like to give a further life by putting them on ceramic canvases. It is satisfying to pick ‘good pictures’ and ‘frame’ them.

Drawing and publishing every day means sometimes what I put out there isn’t that good. I realised it is the habit of doing it every day that matters, but the sense that people are possibly ‘watching’ can tighten things up a bit.

How do I deal with the blank page when I’m carrying expectations about being good for some imaginary people.

No pressure.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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