Ok, the lids off…what about the pile of dirt?

Dear Self,

Our pile of dirt is now organised into three veggie patches.

Very satisfying.

We went and bought a bunch of seedlings and have planted them…lettuce, rocket, spinach, peas, rainbow chard (yes, that’s a thing).

Now I’m bored of that.

I’m busy over here ‘taking the lid’ off and getting all excited about other things.

But we planted these seedlings and now they need love. They need someone to keep the birds off them, scare the snails away and they need water.

And if I am honest the taking the lid off thing could do with a bit of earth, otherwise I do just become ‘whooped up’.

I went and checked the seedlings after the first night and I swear to you that they are growing already.

It’s a miracle.

I think when I am taking the lid off I also want to tend to the seedlings.

It keeps the earth beneath my feet.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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