Saying no to money. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Saying no to money.

Dear Self,

Can I learn to say no?

If someone wants to pay me money how do I just say no to that?

I respond a bit like someone who has lived through a depression…because I know what it is like when no one wants to pay me money I find it very difficult to say no to anyone who does.

But that can lead to some problems.

Like burning out.

And bouts of sadness.

But I get money. And with that money come lots of options.

I’m not kidding, I know money is not a good motivation to do things…but having choices is pretty darn attractive.

And I also like to be liked.

That’s another of my weaknesses.

Do I want to say no or can I see the trade off and am prepared to pay the consequences in the short term for the bigger goal?

This one is sticky, very sticky.

I’ve got a feeling I might choose to stuff this up just one more time before I really learn this lesson.



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