Selfish? Again!

Dear Self,

I’m back here again.

Feeling like this daily letter is a self indulgence.

Thinking I should spend more of my time giving to others.

Worrying that I’m not really having any kind of impact on the things that matter in this world.

So this is a cycle.

I don’t want to keep being back here without learning something.

When I have this conversation it tends to go….oh I’m so selfish, well yes I’m human, is being an artist selfish, well no it’s a role you play to help people see themselves a little more clearly, is that really worthwhile, it’s only worthwhile if you believe the big change we need will come from people awakening to their capacity to change how things are…oh well in that case yes yes this is a very good thing to do and keep doing…

But why does it feel selfish?

I suppose that is because that’s what I have been told about being an artist (and like anything it can be a selfish act for sure).

And so I come back to my ultimate clarity on all this. If the alternative to creating art that is about self awareness was that I spent all day in soup kitchens and volunteering my time to the homeless (and I was effective and profoundly good at that) well I might have a case. That’s not what happens. The alternative is more likely being a workaholic and spending money to make myself feel better for the hole in me that not making things creates.

So. Here we are back to where I always end up.

I think maybe I’d like to find a little more space for conscious giving to others less fortunate than myself.

Not in opposition to my creativity but as part of it.

There. That would be progress.



— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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