The man with invisible feet. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The man with invisible feet.

Dear Self,

Once upon a time there was a man whose feet had a habit of disappearing.

One moment he would be walking along feet firmly planted on the earth and the next he would start to feel all light headed and strange.

He would look down and sure enough his feet were no longer there.

Well, they were there, he could tell they were still there, but he just couldn’t feel them as well as he normally could.

It made standing on the ground very difficult.

The man had an incredible capacity for love and admiration.

This was one of his great strengths and was something his friends all remarked upon.

And he loved loving and admiring the great feet of others. It bought him joy and was very good for his soul. Often he would love and admire his friends from a distance. Sitting alone in his room marvelling at their magic.

One day, after a very big week of loving and admiring, he noticed that as he poured some love and admiration over to one of his friends that his feet started to disappear.

At this moment his friend turned to him and started to pour some love and admiration over to him. Normally the man would politely reject this unsolicited love and admiration. However this time, he noticed as he accepted the love and admiration his feet started to appear to him again.

He turned to his friend and said…

“Something is wrong. I love loving and admiring my friends’ feet but if I do it too much my feet begin to disappear.”

His friend thought for a moment and then said…

“Perhaps you need to practice loving and admiring your own feet sometimes?”

The man was taken aback.

“Really?” He said.

“Yes…” said his friend. “…Really.”

The man trusted his friend and so went home and spent some time looking at his feet. Initially he didn’t like them at all. They were kind of odd shaped and strange. Eventually he took out some pencils and began to draw them. Exploring every lump and bump. Getting to know their personality. Then, over many days of doing this, he began to like his feet. And after many more days he began to love and admire them.

As all this happened he noticed a funny thing. When he didn’t feel very good about his own feet they would disappear the moment he tried to love and admire his friends’ feet.

But when he truly loved and admired his own feet then he had an endless ability to love and admire those of his friends’.

There he would be, feet firmly on the ground, visible for everyone to see, loving and admiring his own feet and the feet of all of his friends.

Lots of love.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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