Does money make it real? Drawing Luke Hockley.

To make it real.

Dear Self,

Amanda Palmer is an artist that I admire.

She wrote a book called ‘The Art of Asking’. In it she explores what it was like for her to make art and ask people to pay her for it.

It is a great book.

Recently I decided to perform a series of readings from these letters I send to you every day. I emailed a bunch of friends and asked if they would buy a ticket to come and watch me do that.

Within minutes someone had bought a ticket.

Money is not a simple thing.

I really like that I write this letter to you because I have decided to, not because I am being paid to.

And now, because I am clear about that and able to filter out the noise and just write honestly to you, I also like that some people said…

“Yep, that thing you do, we dig that, here’s some cash so you can keep doing it.”

I made it real by doing it. Asking people for money, and them agreeing to give me some, that makes it sustainable.


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Know someone who would appreciate this letter?

What is Dear Self all about?

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Hey, guess what? You’re in for a treat.

I’m doing my very first Dear Self performance on the 27th of March 2017.

If you have read this far and you can get to Melbourne then you are one of the select group of people I am inviting to buy a ticket.

It is a first run at a new idea. Go here and use the password DearSelf to find out more and buy your ticket.