Turning an idea into a good thing.

Dear Self,

My friend James created a new project last night.

He hosted a Gratitude Dinner — an idea he made up where a smallish group of people get together and all bring some food and then talk about what they are grateful for in the world.

I was one of the people who helped him make it happen (alongside my friend Matt).

What I/we did was very simple.

First we said that it was a good idea and so we helped him see it as a bit more real.

Then we suggested he set a date. Just pick a day that works for you and do it. This turned it from an idea into a project

Then I offered him a space (the Good Per Square studio) for him to host the dinner. This made it possible by giving the idea a home.

It brings me real joy to watch people with good ideas turn them into a thing.

(And it was a good thing too, by the way.)

This was all so simple.

But it isn’t necessarily easy to turn our idea into a thing.

I’m inspired by James because he made his idea into a thing and he has decided to keep doing it.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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