Yes, I’m strong enough. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Yes, I’m strong enough.

Dear Self,

Yesterday a friend sent me a text.

The night before they had been to see me perform Dear Self — Friendship, they had come along with a few friends.

The text they sent me was from one of their friends.

Basically, they were wanting to pass on their thanks to me for inspiring them to share their writing (which they had been doing privately for many years) with someone who was close to them.

After seeing my show, they had decided to crack a glass of red wine and read their poetry out loud for the first time ever.

It seems like they realised that the people around them would support them regardless of where their writing/reading was up to.

If my show helped one person feel the confidence to leap out into the unknown everything then I am happy to say that yes, yes, I am strong enough to do this.

I really, really want to make something that everyone will like.

I’m afraid that if I do that I will miss out on making something that some people will love…something that will touch and change their lives.

I’m not willing to take that risk.

I’m strong enough to give up on my work being liked by everyone in order to be create the opportunity for it to be loved by some.