Yesterday I was on fire — Loved it. Amazing. The Best. Great. Spectacular. Perfect. Nice. Beautiful. High Five. Ace. Real. Safe. Yes.

Dear Self,

Yesterday I was on fire. I had a great day.

I woke up super early. Just after 4 am. That’s early. I had gone to bed at a reasonable time (before 10 pm) but still that is a pretty early wake up for me.

I lay in bed and tried to go back to sleep…

Nup, we’re awake.

So I got up and spent a few hours writing. Loved it.

Went to the studio and cleaned everything up. Amazing.

Had a friend come and hang out in the studio with me and move and sing and perform for each other. The best.

Met another friend and shared some things I had learnt about running a business. Great.

Did some planning on how to turn a space we rent into a workshop venue for hire and an artist in residence space. Spectacular.

Did a few corrections on a paper for an organisation that is helping to end violence against women. Perfect.

Chatted with a friend about some work stuff they needed to sort through. Nice.

Worked with someone to help them articulate and live their personal vision. Beautiful.

Met with a new friend and sat on a roof top, looked at the city during sunset and talked about an amazing experience we had both just had and the Alexander Technique and all sorts of stuff. High five.

Went to an event where my people were all hanging out and connected with a couple of my favourite people. Ace.

Got a taxi home with a mate and chatted about language and gender and getting that shit sorted. Real.

Came home to love and warmth and protection and kindness and care. Safe.

Went to bed at Midnight and slept. Yes.

I was on fire yesterday, and I woke up pretty early again this morning. Which is really great…except I think I need an early night tonight, otherwise I might not be able to sustain the awesome.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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