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A note on communication

We have seeing lately a lot of discussion about our communication and demands on marketing actions and news.

With this article we want to clarify our position on many of these matters, and to allow anyone to understand how, when and why we communicate.

LUKSO is a blockchain project aiming to build a decentralized network and community that will be run a driven by many people and their ideas. People who bought LYX (and LYXe) did so with the intention of using the future LUKSO Blockchain that uses LYX as a fuel to secure and run the network.

“Tell me the big announcement, I won’t tell anyone”

Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of talk about price and secondary markets around LYXe and demands to share news, and make marketing campaigns, AMA’s and such, to push price movements.

To give a very clear answer to all of these requests: We do not create hype, statements without substance, fake marketing to draw users in, or release news to influence prices. Secondary markets are independent of the LUKSO Project and are a side effect of the LUKSO Blockchain’s LYX, not the project’s goal or purpose.

Our responsibility is the LUKSO Blockchain and the technology we develop around it. We aim to build tools that create a thriving ecosystem of users and developers, that use the LUKSO Blockchain for their creative ideas. We put all our efforts into making this technology useable and a core building block for all who want to help build the new creative economy. So to summarize:

We DO communicate to:

  • Educate about the LUKSO Blockchain
  • The tools and standards we develop
  • Other projects building on LUKSO
  • Anything we find relates to LUKSO and inspires
  • Any development that happens in or around LUKSO

We DO NOT communicate to:

  • Hype the price
  • Bring in secondary market buyers
  • Give news to a selected group of people
  • Enrich anyone close to the project

A note for traders

If you are buying LYXe in secondary markets, please be aware that there are price fluctuations and market sentiments, that are independent of our development progress, and will even continue to exist with the LUKSO Blockchain launched and beyond. Everyone trading in these markets is solely responsible for their own actions and should never put more money in than they can afford to lose.

LUKSO’s communication is not meant to drive prices or hype markets. It is meant to educate about the technology we are building and the vision we have created.

A note on timelines

When anyone in or around the project mentions timelines, these dates need to be taken with a grain of salt, as software development is sometimes hard to predict.

As we are developing the LUKSO Blockchain and its tools and standards, obstacles and delays can occur, which can throw any timeline estimation back. This must be a basic understanding when following the development of novel technology such as a Blockchain and its smart contract standards. These are things that haven’t been done before and are hard to predict in exact time frames. We ask everyone to take this advice when expecting dates and timelines.

A note on direct messages in social media

A few weeks ago, we had an incident with one of our employees, who shared not confirmed information through direct messages (DM). These answers to requests were unfortunate, as they were not confirmed and created the impression of an official statement. The employee responsible has been let go, as it does not align with our way of communication. We do apologise to anyone that received such answer as a question in a direct message. For the future, we will not answer any direct messages anymore, information can only be received through our official social media feeds.

A note on community communication

We have been aware that certain groups are engaging in hate speech around other community members and members of the LUKSO project. We do condemn such behaviour and do involve relevant authorities when the safety of members are at stake. People who are participating in acts of physical and verbal violence will be held accountable and should not treat the internet as a human rights free zone.

As a final note

We at LUKSO are building a technology to enable new forms of creative exchange and an ecosystem of new users and use cases. This is a huge goal and does take time to evolve.

If you are a person who is interested in a project that pumps and dumps to make a token value go up, you might want to reconsider your choices, as you are likely not aligned with LUKSOs vision and values.

For everyone else, let’s join together to create the new creative economy! 🪴




The Blockchain for New Creative Economies

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The Blockchain for New Creative Economies

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