The L15 testnet starts…

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3 min readOct 25, 2021

L15 the ephemeral testnet has undergone some heavy developments in the past weeks. Vanguard and Pandora are now up-to-date with its latest Prysm and Geth code base making it a cutting edge network.

The ephemeral L15 testnet, is the first public iteration on LUKSO testnet, if everything goes well, we will be able to transition to a more stable L16 testnet, short before mainnet.

The purpose of the testnet, is to test LUKSO in the wild and in a real setting, with anyone being able to join and validate.

The L15 testnet will start on Tuesday 1300 CET, but you are encouraged to already start your node, as it will wait for the right genesis time to start processing blocks.

Vanguard nodes waiting…
Pandora nodes waiting…

How to join

To join the L15 network, you will need a ubuntu or a mac. We are working on windows support, which should come soon.

Simply open your terminal and run:

The first command will install all necessary clients (Vanguard, Pandora and Orchestrator) and the second will run them as a deamon in the background. To stop your nodes simply run $ lukso stop.

For detailed instructions of the LUKSO CLI you can check the documentation.

To watch a quick go to our YouTube Channel.

What else?

We do not support Apples new M1 chips yet, sorry. Windows is in the making too.

To ask questions (not to many pls) and for discussions and real time announcements, we use the #Validator channel in our Discord Server.

To get L15 LYXt use the Faucet.

Important links are:

What about staking?

If you plan to stake, you will be able to join the network as a validator. BUT being a validator comes with responsibility. LUKSO IS NOT Delegated Proof of Stake, this means you can not just simply delegate your funds to someone running a node, you need to run your own node, and MAKE SURE IT STAYS ONLINE :) Otherwise your stake will be slashed over time.

The Launchpad will be enabled a few hours after network launch, and will guide you through the process.

You will need 32 LYXt for now (This is not the final mainnet setting). You can get it from the Faucet.

Thanks to @fongshader for his amazing art!

Let’s join the L15 test network!




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