Winners of the LUKSO “Hack your Profile” Hackathon

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3 min readDec 9, 2021


LUKSO’s first hackathon ran for almost 4 weeks from November 3rd to November 29th, 2021. Participants were challenged to develop solutions that leverage the power of LUKSO’s standards surrounding Universal Profiles, the new token standards and tools we develop to make using them easy.

Over 20 builders registered for the hackathon and 9 teams submitted projects spanning tools for Gaming, NFTs, Social and beyond. Teams had the chance to win over $38,000 worth of prizes in LYXe, with the first prize awarding $22,000 in LYXe.

The judges were extremely impressed with the quality, creativity and the ability of the LUKSO developer community to use the new standards. Everyone who submitted a project should be incredibly proud of their work.

Projects were evaluated based on the following four criteria:

  1. Originality & Creativity
  2. Practicality & Use Case
  3. Design & UX
  4. Usage of LUKSO’s new standards & tools

To those who didn’t submit a project, we’ll be looking forward to your submission at our next hackathon!

Beyond engaging with talented builders worldwide, the hackathon allowed us to improve essential documentation, tooling, and other educational resources to better serve all developers building on those new standards.

Thank you to all the participants and judges who made this hackathon possible. We appreciate your interest and continued support.

🥁Drum Roll🥁… The Winners are:

🥇 1st Place: Yeeldz

Yeeldz is a proof of concept app for a new events and NFT ticketing system that would be marketed towards a younger generation of event organizers, artists and creators. It would be used for the discovery of virtual events that occur online or in different metaverse environments as well as buying NFT tickets for traditional physical events.

Judges comments: The app was very well done, with a high level of complexity (create, buy, re-sell, check-in) and a beautiful design!

Prize: 💰 $22,000 in LYXe

Demo Video | Demo Link (best viewed on mobile) | GitHub Repo

🥈 2nd Place: Universal Page

A Universal Page is your own personalized website that stores and receives information from your Universal Profile (UP). This means that your website can become an extension of everything that you do or own with your UP. Universal Page allows you to create or edit your UP, select a theme for your page, and host it on a custom domain or subdomain.

Judges comments: Very beautiful looking app that showcases well how different universal profiles can look like. It contains the ability to select themes as well as edit your profile!

Prize: 💰 $11,000 in LYXe

Demo Video | Demo Link | GitHub Repo

🥉 3rd Place: Nomad

The Nomad Protocol is built for transferring assets across games and immersive social experiences. Nomad provides the missing incentive for game developers to cooperate and render NFTs which are shared across games (worlds) and governance frameworks (universes). The smart contracts provide a lightweight framework with plug-and-play governance and incentivization through protocol fees.

Judges comments: Nice to see the approach to leverage LSP8 and UPs to allow split payments, and make NFTs adopt to its environments.

Prize: 💰 $5,000 in LYXe

Demo Video | Demo Link | GitHub Repo

We will reach out to the winners, to send your well deserved rewards!

Honorable Mentions

The judges were impressed by the quality of submissions, while the following projects did not win an award, their contributions are worth looking at, as each of these teams put in considerable effort:

For more information on LUKSO’s “Hack your Profile” Hackathon, please see the official GitHub README.

Until next time! 🛠 🖖
Thank you for being part of this journey!🙏 🥳



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