Welcome to Consultant of the Day!

I’m a LuLaBro, supporting my wife Faith Plavchan, in her fashion adventure also known as being a LuLaRoe Consultant. I’m creating this website to be the place to find your way into the world of LuLaRoe.

Before we started down this path, finding out about LuLaRoe was a mystery in as much as it was exciting and new.

How does one find the clothes? Why can’t I buy them directly from the LuLaRoe website? How do they make all these crazy exciting patterns? How do I know what size will fit me? What is an Irma?

Before I knew it, my wife had me driving across town to peoples homes and into old empty buildings, searching for Unicorns. I learned the secret to LuLaRoe’s success — their buttery soft leggings with bold and unique patterns empowering women across the country. These leggings came in two sizes — one-size and tall&curvy (OS and TC for short). We swiftly went down the stages of LuLaRoe addiction and my wife signed up to be a consultant in the summer of 2016:

Stages 2 through 6 were a blur!

My wife “onboarded” as a consultant a few months later, received her first shipment, and had her first sale in October of 2016 (thanks Ellen!). We were very excited about the company — yes, it is a direct sales company of the likes of Avon, Mary Kay, and many others. But LuLaRoe threw in two twists to the direct sales business model that in my opinion up-ended the whole industry:

One, we sell clothes. Clothes are a necessity. In tough times, you can do without some things. But not clothes. Everybody needs clothes. And leggings. And where’s the creativity and expression of personality in black leggings?

Two, by manufacturing limited numbers of prints, each consultant ends up with unique items and inventory. Instead of competing with other consultants for customers and cannibalizing sales to sell the same product, LuLaRoe consultants work together. Yeah, two consultants will both sell leggings, but only one in a couple dozen may have these squirrel leggings in TC:

OMG, don’t you love squirrels?

Rather than try to explain the products to you myself, I decided to provide a gateway to the consultants that sell LuLaRoe. They are passionate and hard-working women that can tell you much more about LuLaRoe than I ever could.

Starting over the next few weeks, I will feature a new LuLaRoe Consultant with every post. They will tell you their story, and I will link to their consultant page so you can connect with them, browse their LuLaRoe clothes, and begin (or continue) your fashion adventure.