LUM Airdrop for ATOM Stakers & OSMO LPs

Checkout your Airdrop now, and get ready to join the Lum Network !

Fabrice Bascoulergue
Lum Network


The launch of the Lum Network main-net will take place in early December, get ready to receive your Airdrop!

As announced previously, the Cosmos Community Airdrop has been designed to engage and onboard the most active participants of the ecosystem, here are the rules of the Airdrop.

Airdrop rules

Both airdrops are based on a Snapshot taken on Sept. 29th, 2021 for their respective networks.

1/ ATOM Stakers
- Minimum 5 ATOM staked
- Maximum cap at 3,000 ATOM
- Centralised validators (such as exchanges) and their delegators have been excluded from the Airdrop

2/ OSMO Liquidity Providers
- Minimum 30 OSMO provided as liquidity
- Maximum cap at 20,000 OSMO
- Only Bonded LP tokens have been taken into account
- Only the pools with an OSMO pair have been taken into account
- The amount of OSMO has been computed (simply put) based on your stake percentage in each eligible pool multiplied by the amount in OSMO in the pool

N.B: As mentioned in the initial distribution announcement, all LUM from the Community Airdrop will follow the general vesting schedule of 6 months lockup and 24 months continuous linear vesting. Exception being made for 30% of the OSMO Airdrop that will be available at launch (upon claim) to help bootstrap the liquidity of the LUM on Osmosis.

Airdrop claim missions

You will be able to begin claiming your Airdrop(s) as soon as the main-net is launched, there is absolutely nothing to do prior to that beside joining our social networks 🤝 (details at the end of this article).

In order to claim the full amount of your Airdrop you must complete the following on-chain actions:

  1. Stake LUM to a validator
  2. Vote on a Lum Network Governance proposal

Each action will release 50% of your claimable LUM tokens. Complete both steps and you will have access to 100% of the Airdrop!

Since almost all LUMs are subject to vesting schedules:
- You will have 1 LUM available instantly to begin claiming your Airdrop
- You will be able to stake your LUM once claimed even if they are vested, thus enabling you to participate in securing the network

N.B: Claim actions must be performed within 6 months following the launch of the main-net, unclaimed LUM tokens will be sent to the community pool.

Checkout your Airdrop

Visit and enter your Cosmos and/or Osmosis address.

If you are eligible for one or both Airdrop you will see the total amount of LUM you’ll receive along the details of your airdrop.

N.B: the amount of LUM displayed by the tool will be rounded, you’ll very much likely have something with a floating value once the main-net is launched

Airdrop example for an address staking on the Cosmos Hub and providing liquidity on Osmosis

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Fabrice Bascoulergue
Lum Network

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