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Participate to LUM Liquidity Pool (1/2)

This tutorial will show you how to get OSMO on the Osmosis platform in order to participate to the LUM Liquidity Pool (OSMO/LUM pair) and the LBP.

This is the first part of a two parts tutorial:
1️⃣ Part 1 — Join Osmosis and get OSMO
2️⃣ Part 2 — Join LUM Liquidity Pool


This article is a tutorial and was written for educational purposes.It should not be considered as an advice to purchase cryptocurrency, especially ATOM, OSMO or LUM.The platforms and tools displayed in this tutorial are dedicated to users with advanced knowledge regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies.You are responsible to protect your wallet and nobody will be able to help you recover it in case of mismanagement.

Connect to Keplr

This tutorial assumes that:
1/ You have
already installed Keplr
2/ You have a Cosmos wallet with some ATOM*

*ATOM can be acquired on a lot of platforms such as Kraken, Coinbase, Binance**, etc…
** Warning: Binance is preventing withdrawals at the time of writing due to the latest Cosmos upgrade

Keplr extension open on a Cosmos wallet

Go to Osmosis app

Visit You should land on this screen:

Osmosis app landing page

Connect your wallet

Click on “Connect Wallet” at the bottom left of your screen.

Which will open the following popup:

Wallet selection popup

Click on Keplr Wallet, and follow the instructions from Keplr’s popups.

Go to Assets tab

Click on Assets in left navigation bar.

Osmosis app Assets page

Deposit on Cosmos Hub — ATOM

Deposit your ATOM on “Cosmos Hub — ATOM” by clicking on Deposit button.

This will send your ATOM to Osmosis, you will still be in control of your assets and you will be able to send them back to your Cosmos wallet on your own.

ATOM deposit popup

Choose how many ATOM you want to deposit and the fees you are willing to pay for this transfer.

ATOM deposit confirmation

Approve the transaction with Keplr and wait for it to succeed, it is usually done in a few seconds but it can take a couple minutes depending on the network usage.

Deposit confirmation popup

Swap Atom to OSMO

Go to Trade tab in left navigation bar. Make sure that the “From” asset is ATOM and the “To” asset is OSMO.

ATOM/OSMO pool view

Enter the amount you wish to swap then hit the SWAP button.

Swap confirmation popup

Approve the transaction with Keplr and you are done!

View your OSMO

Open your Keplr extension and click on network. “Cosmos” on the following screenshot.

Keplr network selection

Switch to “Osmosis” and you can see OSMO in your available balance

Keplr OSMO balance

You are now ready to join the LUM/OSMO Liquidity Pool on the Osmosis platform🚀

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2️⃣ Part 2 — Join LUM Liquidity Pool

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