The Future of Lumenary

Tritan Collective is now Lumenary

It’s been an amazing journey over the course of the last few years as we’ve worked to get rooted into the New York tech scene. Back when Series A’s were under a million dollars and networking events were an opportunity to meet at most eight people, we were helping early stage startups create their pitch decks and raise their first rounds of capital.

As the ecosystem evolved, we’ve been fortunate enough to grow along with it, helping design and build incredible products along the way. We couldn’t be more proud of all our clients, who have now gone on to raise over $150M in VC funding.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being adaptable—changing our capabilities best serve and support the entrepreneurs we love working with.

Pitch decks gave way to product design, which gave way to strategic advisory—and along the way, we’ve built up a remarkable team of industry experts. Tritan was never meant to be just an agency, we sought to do things differently. We’ve experimented with equity in exchange for services and have built up a portfolio of companies that are all doing fortunately well.

The focus was also never just on design or development. We’ve helped companies succeed with a harmonious blend of strategy, product development, and expert execution.

Now with Lumenary, we’re doing things differently one more time.

At Lumenary, we’ve found the right balance between consulting and advisory. Startups need all the help they can get—from strategic advice to product development. Corporations yearn for innovation and the ability to stay head of the curve and often hire consultants to do so. We see these worlds as one and the same, where with the right team, these interests can be aligned to ensure everyone comes out ahead.

With innovation happening at breakneck speeds, our exposure to the startup community affords us an understanding of technology most corporates don’t get. At the same time, the principles we’ve applied to changing the trajectory of early and mid-stage companies have proven to be applicable at the Fortune 500 level as well. Our team of consultants has consistently delivered innovative strategies that have been able to transform organizations from the ground up and our product team has been able to routinely deliver for the success of those strategies.

This unique ability to make an impact at the corporate level ensures we can deliver unparalleled and unfair advantages to the startups we support.

Strategy, product, and fundraising have consistently played to our strengths yet a new ability to secure distribution also ensures growth at scale that can sustain these startups on their path towards an exit.

The last 4 years have been the most rewarding experience of our lives and even so, we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. We’re Lumenary—and we’re here to create transformational change.