Fifth milestone — Wallet, Market, Reward

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2 min readSep 6, 2021


Greeting Lumenswap community!

In order to achieve Lumenswap’s ultimate goal, which is a perfect client for trading and swapping assets on the Stellar Network, we decided to represent milestones as the evolution stages of a product.
The fifth milestone of the Lumenswap evolution road was adding the Wallet, Market, and Reward section.

1. Wallet

Through the addition of the wallet section, you can view all the assets existing in your account. Besides, if you wish, you can send it to other accounts on the network.

This contributes to the users of Lumenswap not going towards an interface application for management of their assets and perform all operations associated with assets in the Lumenswap client.

2. Market

In the Market section, you can view the status of pair of assets available in the network and their information such as 24-hour volume, price, etc.

This part is composed of two parts:

1. Known assets

This is a list of assets mentioned in Lumenswap, along with the trading pairs of USDC and XLM.

2. Top volume market

This is a list of the assets that have the maximum volume with XLM trading pairs in the Stellar network.

3. Reward

In this section, you can observe the status of the rewards you have received from the Trade and Reward section with its details.

1- Wallet balance

This shows the LSP balance of your wallet.

2- Holder reward earned

This shows the amount of LSP rewards you have earned from Holding so far.

3- Trader rewards earned

This shows the amount of LSP rewards you have earned so far.

4- Activities

In this section, you can see the transactions in which you have earned a reward.

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