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LSP Circulation Report — November 2022

Greetings Lumenswap community!

Just like we mentioned in our tokenomics article, in order to be more transparent and to increase your awareness about the $LSP unlocking process, we’ll be making a report about addresses that are associated with the Lumenswap team and its treasury every month. You can see unlocked and locked assets for each address in this report.

Address: GA6N5CBQ…FX56B72D

Allocation: 120,000,000 LSP (12%)

Vesting info: 100% TGE

Locked: 0

Unlocked: 120,000,000 LSP

Address: GB6OM72C…MV5XLD4I

Allocation: 190,000,000 LSP (19%)

Vesting info: 2 years lock then unlock linearly over the 1 year

Locked: 190,000,000 LSP

Unlocked: 0


Allocation: 30,000,000 LSP (3%)

Vesting info: Unlock linearly over 1 year from TGE

Locked: 330,168 LSP

Unlocked: 29,669,832 LSP


Allocation: 400,000,000 LSP (40%)

Vesting info: Unlock linearly over 10 years from TGE

Locked: 316,527,788 LSP

Unlocked: 83,472,212 LSP

Address: GCYN3F4D…5J266YLJ

Allocation: 100,000,000 LSP (10%)

Vesting info: 1 year vesting, 25% per 3 months.

Locked: 46,398,255 LSP

Unlocked: 53,601,745 LSP


Allocation: 160,000,000 LSP (16%)

Vesting info: Unlock linearly over 2 years from TGE.

Locked: 107,616,282 LSP

Unlocked: 52,383,718 LSP

Unlocked supply: 339,127,507 LSP

Burned supply: 13,920,739 LSP 🔥

Locked supply: 646,951,754 LSP

Total supply: 986,079,261 LSP

We chose transparency as one of our main goals from day one and decided to make Lumenswap something that belongs to the community and we will be continuing this path in the future.

Thank you for reading this article.



Lumenswap is a decentralized exchange for the Stellar network that allows you to swap and trade assets on the network using a friendly, minimal interface.

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