Lumenswap Ecosystem Reward

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2 min readJul 23, 2021

Greeting Lumenswap community!

If you look at the tokenomics article of $LSP, you’ll notice that we’ve allocated a large portion (about 40%) of our total assets to ecosystem rewards. This is because we consider Lumenswap owners part of the community and we’re looking to create a product and economy that’s community-driven.

These rewards will be awarded to the community in the form of different programs and events during the next ten years.

For the rest of this article, we’ll be providing more details about how you can get qualified for these rewards.

1. Holder reward

Duration: ~6 years

Amount: 234,000,000 LSP (3,250,000 LSP for each month)

Info: This reward is for LSP holders. To be eligible, all you need to do is hold more than 10,000 LSP in your wallet. (Note that you need to hold the LSPs in your personal wallet. Exchange wallets will not be included in the reward program.)

Lumenswap will take monthly snapshots on a random day, and eligible holders will be rewarded in proportion to their assets.

2. LP reward:

Duration: ~6 years

Amount: 166,000,000 LSP (2,305,555 LSP for each month)

Info: This reward is for LSP liquidity providers. To be eligible, you need to add more than 1,000 LSP to the LSP/XLM or LSP/USDC pools.

Each month, Lumenswap will take random snapshots of the eligible liquidity providers and reward them in proportion to their assets in the pool.

Note: If you provide more than 10,000 LSP as liquidity, you will also be eligible for the holder reward in addition to the LP reward.

Thank you for reading this article.