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ASIC miner prices are close to all-time lows: Unique opportunity or desperate exit?

Exploring causes and consequences of the price of mining hardware

What determines an ASIC miner’s price?

ASIC miners are complex hardware. As such, their market value can change according to many different factors.

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Bitcoin’s price, mining profitability, and ASIC miners

It is important to note that the relationship between Bitcoin’s market value, ASIC miners’ prices, and mining profitability is complex and sometimes behaves differently. However, it tends to respond to the following logic.

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Low ASIC prices: Is it an opportunity?

During the last bull market, mining profitability went through the roof. Many miners, individual and corporate alike, were desperate to acquire more hashrate and take advantage of the opportunity. Some even contracted debt to do this, betting on the bullish run to continue in the long term.

Closing thoughts

As you may have noticed, the topic of ASIC prices is very complex. There are many layers in determining the market value of Bitcoin mining hardware, all constantly changing.

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