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Bitcoin hashrate bounces after a significant drop; miners expectant on price action

Analyzing Bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment and mining profitability

Bitcoin’s total hashrate

After a considerable drop throughout the previous mining epoch, hashrate managed to bounce back to an average 253.07 EH/s by the time of the adjustment.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty

With hashrate growing during the last stretch of the epoch, difficulty increased to 35.36T, undoing almost half the drop it went through in the last adjustment.

Hashprice, or mining revenue per TH/s

Looks like it’s going to be a tough epoch with difficulty increasing and Bitcoin struggling to reclaim $17K.

Bitcoin mining profitability overview

The relief that came after the last adjustment was short lived. Now, it’s back to damage control and optimizing for profitability.

The difficulty adjustment in numbers

  • Difficulty adjustment block height: 768,096
  • Date of the adjustment: 12/19/2022
  • Average hashrate at the time of the adjustment: 253.07 EH/s
  • Previous difficulty: 34.24T
  • Current difficulty: 35.36 T
  • Difficulty change: +3.27%
  • Miner revenue per TH/s (hashprice) after adjustment: $0.06



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