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How to calculate your Bitcoin mining electricity costs

Everything you need to consider before you start mining

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Why are energy prices important?

  • The electricity price where you’re located.
  • The power consumption of your mining setup.
ASIC miner.

Calculating electricity costs

  1. First, you need to convert watts to kilowatts: 3250W = 3.25kW.
  2. Now, you have to calculate how many kW you’d use in a full day: 3.25kWh x 24 hours = 78kW per day. Of course, this will change depending on how long you plan to run your miners.
  3. You’ll also need to calculate how much those kWh will cost you according to your location’s energy prices: 78kW x $0.1 = $7.8 a day.
  4. Finally, multiply the final number by 30 to know your monthly expense in electricity: $7.8 x 30 = $234.
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Additional costs

Reducing your electricity costs

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Summing up

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