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Lumerin Public Sale has ended!

Thank you for participating

*UPDATE: The audit is finally complete and the results are IN! To check out how the sale turned out, please visit

After a week of ongoing sale, we’re glad to announce that the Lumerin token Public Sale is finally over.

We’re very happy with the turnout and will be releasing the results after a third-party performs an audit of the sale.

Now that the token sale is over, we are moving forward in the process of creating a global marketplace for Bitcoin hashpower and proof-of-work mining pools.

Lumerin Public Sale overview

The public sale was a 7-day sale offering 90 million Lumerin tokens — 9% of the total supply. The sale took place between Wednesday December 1, 3:00:00 PM (UTC) to Wednesday, December 8, 2:59:59 PM (UTC).

We used the Tokensoft platform, which offers the community a fair and transparent option to buy Lumerin tokens.

Please stay tuned for further information of the sale results. In the coming days, Tokensoft will carry out an audit that will provide us with the final numbers.

We will release this data as soon as possible, as well as the next steps of the Lumerin Protocol development project.

Can’t wait? Here’s an explanatory video on how the Lumerin Protocol works:

“I participated in the sale, what now?”

If you successfully purchased Lumerin tokens on the public sale, you will receive or be able to claim them according to the option you selected.

Just as a reminder, these were the different options available during the sale:

Tranche/Option 1

  • Price: $0.25 per token
  • 15% unlocked upon token launch (after Public Sale)
  • Remaining 85% of the tokens are locked up for 2 months
  • Vesting: Over the following 4 months, releasing 21.25% per month
  • Total lock-up until 100% released: 6 months

Tranche/Option 2

  • Price: $0.35 per token
  • 25% unlocked upon token launch (after Public Sale)
  • Remaining 75% of the tokens are locked up for 1 month
  • Vesting: Over the following 2 months, releasing 35.5% per month
  • Total lock-up until 100% released: 3 months

Tranche/Option 3

  • Price: $0.45 per token
  • 100% unlocked upon token launch (after Public Sale)
  • No vesting or lock-up periods
  • Purchase cap: $10,000

Please note that the tokens subjected to vesting/lock-up periods will have to be claimed upon token launch.

Estimated date for Token Generation Event (TGE): Q1 2022.

Sale conclusion

The funds raised during the Public Sale will provide a significant boost to our development efforts to build the Lumerin Protocol as an open-source project.

As a direct consequence of this token sale we have gained a number of strategic partners that will help us to further develop this technology.

We will updated Lumerin tokenomics and supply allocation considering any unsold tokens and release them after the audit.

Total circulating supply

Total circulating supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens will be released over the course of 10 years.

Do you have any questions?

All Lumerin token sale questions will be addressed via the Lumerin Telegram channel. In case you need help, remember:

  • Do not accept any help from anyone except the admins.
  • Do not respond to direct messages.
  • Do not follow any unusual links or emails.
  • Please, be patient with the team.



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