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New hashrate all-time high makes Bitcoin mining as hard as it’s ever been

Analyzing Bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment and mining profitability

Bitcoin’s total hashrate

It only took 2023 two mining epochs to bring us a new hashrate all-time high.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty

As established by the protocol, with higher hashrate comes higher difficulty — the higher it has ever been, in this case.

Hashprice, or mining revenue per TH/s

Bitcoin’s price rose over the weekend, increasing almost 25% week-on-week.

Bitcoin mining profitability overview

Even after reaching a new difficulty all-time high, Bitcoin did its homework and its price increase managed to support thicker profit margins for miners.

The difficulty adjustment in numbers

  • Difficulty adjustment block height: 772,128
  • Date of the adjustment: 01/15/2023
  • Average hashrate at the time of the adjustment: 269.02 EH/s
  • Previous difficulty: 34.09T
  • Current difficulty: 37.59T
  • Difficulty change: +10.26%
  • Miner revenue per TH/s (hashprice) after adjustment: $0.071



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