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Only two pools mined over 50% of Bitcoin’s blocks at the end of December — should we be concerned?

Diving into the different layers of Bitcoin’s centralization risk

Hashrate concentration in mining pools

A recent article published by CryptoSlate revealed that Foundry USA and Antpool were responsible for the production of more than half of Bitcoin blocks in the second half of December.

Should we be concerned?

Over the years, Bitcoin mining has become an industry of itself. The corporatization of mining has led to its increasing centralization, with a small number of mining pools controlling the majority of the network’s computational power.

Decentralizing hashrate control

The centralization of the Bitcoin mining industry is a complex issue with no easy solutions. Plus, it’s composed of many different layers, including:

  • Where the physical miners are located.
  • Who or what provides the power to run the miners.



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