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Titan bi-weekly update — 08/25

Hey, Titan community! We hope everyone is doing alright and well. Here is these last two weeks’ most relevant news for us and the crypto industry.

Ryan on Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem

On August 17, our CEO joined renowned crypto personality Charlie Shrem on his podcast, Untold Stories. They had a very enriching conversation about how the world of crypto has changed since 2012, where it is going, and where we should focus our efforts as a community.

Not often do you get the chance to hear two OGs discussing crypto in a relaxed, friendly manner. This one was one of those rare opportunities. We strongly recommend that you see the full conversation or read the most important highlights.

We’re partnering up with VeriBlock

We’re thrilled to announce that is joining forces with VeriBlock, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the development and adoption of VeriBlock®’s Proof-of-Proof® (PoP®) security technology, to enhance the security of the world’s blockchains through eco-friendly reuse of Bitcoin’s mining power.

“We’re excited to partner with to further increase the security and robustness of the VeriBlock ecosystem and look forward to the altchain PoP mining optimizations this partnership can provide,” commented Justin Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder of VeriBlock.

Additionally, our CEO expressed that “the Titan team has worked hard to develop North America’s first enterprise-grade Bitcoin mining pool. We’re excited to enhance our Bitcoin mining services with PoP, not only to make Bitcoin greener but also to increase Bitcoin miner revenue in a mutually beneficial way.”

Click here to read the full press release »

Titan Private Pool finds its first block!

Exciting news! We have hit an incredible milestone at Titan. Our Titan Private Pool minted its first block this weekend at a block height of 697058.

We are in the process of launching our new private pool offering to the public. Unlike other mining pools, Titan charges a low flat fee but still manages and supports all the required infrastructure. To learn more, email us now:

View block here »

Mining Ecosystem Review

Hashrate keeps slowly recovering, and mining difficulty started surging again. However, profitability hasn’t decreased. Here is the most relevant mining news of the week.

Another Chinese region bans Bitcoin mining, Iran will soon lift ban

In China, the regulations related to Bitcoin mining tighten again. Yingijang County in China’s Yunnan Province has issued a warning against hydroelectric power stations that provide power to bitcoin mining companies. However, the situation in Iran seems to be turning the other way, as the government is rumored to lift the ban that happened shortly after China’s.

Read more »

Here are the 6 narratives MSM and financial institutions are trying to bring crypto down with

“It’s terrible for the environment.” “It’s only used by criminals.” “It has no intrinsic value.” How many times have you heard people repeat these lines over and over again, trying to convince you that “Bitcoin is bad.” In this article, we dive deep into each one of these narratives — and more — and explain why they are all invalid.

Read more »

El Salvador readies Bitcoin rollout with 200 ATMs for conversion

El Salvador began installing Bitcoin ATMs, allowing its citizens to convert the cryptocurrency into U.S. dollars and withdraw it in cash as part of the government’s plan to make the token legal tender.

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The Titan Team

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