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Titan bi-weekly update — 09/09

Hello Titans! It’s been a couple of exciting and intense weeks. We’ve got a lot of new announcements to share with you. Here are the latest updates on Titan.

Announcing the launch of Titan Private Pool

We’re very excited to announce Titan’s Private Pool: A fully-hosted, optimized, fixed-fee solution built on a proven implementation, backed by experienced engineers.

For a low, fixed monthly rate, the Titan Private Pool provides a fully-hosted, proven pool environment with optimized software managed by Titan engineers from start to finish.

The Titan Private Pool is a one-of-a-kind solution, and it’s off to an incredible start. The pool is providing a significant ROI, and our customers are extremely happy. Titan’s Private Pool is the most cost-effective and optimized private pool in the industry and is a no-brainer for larger miners,” said Ryan Condron, CEO of Titan.

Read the announcement here »

Titan Pool finds a second block!

Titan’s Private Pool has successfully minted another block! This is the second block found in the last two weeks. This time, block #698468 was minted at 60–70% effort, while the first only took 30% effort. Here’s to the streak continuing in the coming days!

Want to join the party? Send us an email at

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This week recommended reads

Market is having some intense price action following the implementation of the El Salvador law. Additionally, the mining industry has been moving forward with several big players leading the way. Make sure you check out this Titan exclusive content to stay updated on the industry’s news.

Bitcoin becomes legal tender in El Salvador, here’s all you need to know

On September 7, 2021, the Bitcoin law passed by the country’s legislative assembly on June 9 has taken effect. Bitcoin is now officially a legal tender in a sovereign state for the first time in history. “In the short term, this will generate jobs and help provide financial inclusion to thousands outside the formal economy,” said the president, Nayib Bukele.

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Will the Bitcoin bull market continue? Here’s what miners think

Bitcoin has experienced increased volatility in the last few days, dropping below the $50,000 resistance. Will it resume its trend up or will it keep dipping? Bitcoin miners seem to have it clear, and they’re betting their ASICs on it.

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Can Bitcoin mining be the gateway for institutional investors into cryptocurrency?

Institutions are becoming more interested in Bitcoin as an asset to hold in their treasury. However, not all kinds of investors have access to it. In these situations and with the proper knowledge, these actors can take advantage of different alternatives that allow them to gain exposure to Bitcoin. The key? Mining.

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Don’t go anywhere!

We keep gaining momentum and getting close to the deadlines. The next few weeks will be full of news, so stay in touch! Remember to join our Telegram group and follow us on our social media links below to stay updated on industry news, discussing crypto, or simply hanging out. We’ll be thrilled to have you!

See you soon.

The Titan Team

Titan is actively working to optimize mining and make proof-of-work cryptocurrencies more accessible and democratic. Make sure to subscribe to our blog and visit our links below if you want to learn more.



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