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Titan’s Mining Guide (TMG) #4 — Mining software

Now that we’ve got the hardware part covered, it’s time to dive into what software is best for you to improve and facilitate your mining operation. There are many options to choose from, each one focusing on different aspects. We’ll explain each one of those aspects in more detail throughout this chapter.

What is mining software for?

Essentially, the mining software you’ll use will be the user interface or hub from which you’ll manage your operation and adjust the settings of each one of your devices. Through it, you can choose which algorithm to mine — which cryptocurrency — and which mining pool to use. Furthermore, these programs also monitor the statistics — such as hashrate or temperature — of your miners.

On a technical level, the primary job of mining software is to link your mining hardware to the blockchain, broadcast its work, and receive that of other miners on the network. Essentially, it delivers work to your miners, collects their results, and sends it back to the protocol. In addition, it also downloads the output from all other miners on the network, synchronizing your mining node with all others.

What to look for in mining software

There are two main aspects to consider when choosing your mining software. The first is that it is compatible with your operation, and the second is the functionalities and features besides the basics.

To check that a specific mining program is compatible with your mining operation, you’ll need to look for:

  • Algorithm support: Not every proof-of-work cryptocurrency uses the same cryptographic algorithm, so you’ll have to see if the mining software you want to use supports what you want to mine. Bitcoin uses the mining algorithm SHA256.
  • Hardware support: Whether you went for ASIC or GPU mining, you’ll have to pick a program that’s compatible with your mining setup. While some are flexible and support many different devices, others only work with particular hardware.
  • OS support: Although the best mining software is compatible with most operating systems, others are specific to only one or two, especially if you’re not running a mainstream OS like Windows or macOS. So make sure the one you choose works with the operating system you’re using.

Additional features and functionality

Once you’re all clear on compatibility, you can focus on the benefits and advantages that each mining software provides over the others. Here, you’ll have to decide what is important to you as a miner, as some programs may focus on efficiency while others are better for profitability or ease of use.

Among the additional features that most mining programs, you can find:

  • Low prices or even free software: Some programs will let you download, install and use them free of charge. Bear in mind, however, that most of these will only grant access to limited functions and will require a fee to unlock their full capabilities.
  • Ease of use, user-friendly interface: People — especially those not tech-savvy — may find it hard to manage their mining operations. Some programs tackle that barrier by designing their interface to be easily accessible, understandable, and intuitive.
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies support: Miners that use GPUs and look for maximum profitability will find this feature helpful, as they can take advantage of it and change the coin they are mining with just a few clicks.
  • Automatic coin/algorithm switching: Some mining programs take multi-currency support one step further and can find the most profitable coins and automatically switch between them in real-time, maximizing revenue.
  • Mining pools support: While some mining pools have their own software, other independent programs support many of them. This is a fundamental feature for retail miners.
  • Mining scheduling and programming: This feature allows more structured miners to configure their mining device to start, stop, and rotate to another coin at a particular moment in advance. This is particularly useful for those that need to save on energy consumption.
  • Remote access: For more extensive operations with distributed hardware, some mining software options enable miners to manage all of their devices remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Device micro-managing: This functionality enables miners to configure each device singularly rather than managing their hardware in bulk.
  • Open-source software: For those more concerned about privacy and security, there are fully open-source mining programs whose code is publicly available for anyone to inspect.

As you can see, there are many options, functionalities, and applications you can choose from. Like we said before, do your own research and find out what’s best for you according to your setup, the size of your operation, and your priorities.

Mining software final considerations

An effective mining software may be the difference between a good and a great operation. It empowers your hardware and helps you maximize and harness its full power. Or you can go for a practical, easy-to-use program that saves you time, allows you to schedule your devices in advance, and lets you keep them running without worrying about them.

In any case, selecting the best mining software is critical for achieving your mining goals, reach maximum performance, and make your operation sustainable and profitable. At Titan, we’re developing a mining-management software that we believe will revolutionize how mining currently works. Be sure to visit our website and request a beta!

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, mining pool support is a crucial feature for small miners who can’t compete with enterprise-level farms. In the next chapter, we’ll be addressing what mining pools are, how they work, and how to choose and connect to one.

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