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Update: The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace Beta and Launch

Extended testing phase will allow members of the Lumerin Explorer Program to purchase real BTC hashpower using test LMR


  • The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace beta will launch in early September on the ETH test network.
  • Users who have joined the Lumerin Explorer Program before September 30th will be able to test the marketplace and have the possibility to purchase real BTC hashpower.
  • Mainnet launch will occur after the community tests the Marketplace for a 30-day period.
  • Important dates (as of Aug. 18):

Internal Testing — Currently Ongoing

Closed Beta (Limited Testing) — September 7th

Open Beta (Titan Community) — October 4th

Mainnet — November 9th

Hello Lumerians!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing the Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace and making significant progress on its development.

We’ve worked through the independent audit and are now in the final stages of implementing the requested changes.

It’s not an exaggeration that the team is doing something that hasn’t been done before. We know that no one wants to hear any timeframe that isn’t “RFN,” especially in crypto. That excitement is what drives and inspires us.

But we will not do anything to compromise the trust that our community has put in us to build something never before done — a decentralized hashpower marketplace that will forever change how the world approaches a global, borderless financial system’s security root, that is, Bitcoin hashpower.

Conducting this extra level of technical due-diligence by baking a user-testing phase into our Marketplace timeline means that the roadmap to Mainnet launch is as follows:

  • Internal Testing — Currently Ongoing
  • Closed Beta (Limited Testing) — September 7th
  • Open Beta (Titan Community) — October 4th
  • Mainnet — November 9th

We are expecting to launch the marketplace on Mainnet in early November, after a 30-day user testing period.

During the open consumer testing stage, users will be able to enter the beta version of the platform on the testnet, where they will go through the hashrate purchasing process using test rLMR and rETH tokens.

There’s a surprise for our loyal community members: although you will be using test tokens, you will be acquiring real hashrate. In other words, those who contribute to testing the beta version of the marketplace have the ability to earn actual mining rewards from their hashrate contracts.

This phase will start in early October, and will only be available for members of the Lumerin Explorer Program — an early-access opportunity for beta testers. If you haven’t already, sign up for the program before September 30th.

The Lumerin Explorer Program and the Next Testing Phase

The public testing phase will enable users registered in the Lumerin Explorer Program to navigate and use the marketplace on the testnet. Any feedback provided by testers during the 30-day user testing period may be implemented into the code. This means that you can directly influence the build-out of our Marketplace.

Contributors will be acquiring real hashrate during this process, which will enable them to actually mine Bitcoin and have the ability to earn real BTC mining rewards.

We will be releasing instructions on how to test in early October.

Why a community testing phase?

Quality assurance is our top priority. We are focused on delivering a first-rate application for our community, and that takes time. To that end, we need as many eyes scrutinizing the platform as possible. We are already working with an external agency to audit our code and ensure security. Now, we want to listen to your take.

We estimate that the public testing phase will take approximately 30 days, beginning in October. We estimate the Mainnet launch will take place in early November.

During this phase, we will make as many adjustments as needed to ensure quality, high performance, and a smooth user experience. Therefore, the launch date may be subject to change in order to reach those standards before deployment.

Closing Thoughts

As we progress in the building and testing process, we anticipate that unexpected issues may arise. Your support will be fundamental for us to find, address, and resolve these issues as fast as possible during this time.

We are extremely grateful to all of you for your patience, support, and contribution during the development process. All of the decisions we make are made with the aim of delivering a world class web dApp that both experienced and aspiring miners may use to mine Bitcoin securely and effectively in remote peer-to-peer manner.

Stay tuned for the public testing phase announcement and don’t forget to sign up for the Lumerin Explorer Program to participate!


The Lumerin Team

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