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Luminance Healing

Discovering Luminance

Every time I read this definition, I am brought back to the spark that lit up inside of me when I started the blog. I knew that I wanted to share my own journey with others so that they could find comfort in knowing that there was someone else out there that shared in a part of their journey.

I know that my journey and your journey look and feel different. But, I also know that throughout my own journey, I felt alone and lost. It didn’t feel like anyone else had ever walked this path or gone through the type of transformation that I was experiencing. And that made it scary. It made taking those first several steps terrifying, because I thought I was going crazy and I couldn’t find someone that could hold my hand and tell me I wasn’t. I hope that my transparency in my own highs and lows gives you solace that you are walking the divine path too. And, that you are not crazy or lost, but that you are right where you need to be.

When I reflect back on why I chose the name I did, I realize that it just felt right. Like most of the good decisions I have made in life, they just feel right (like maybe they are divinely gifted). Luminance just resonated with me. I realize now that it resonated because that is my life’s work. To radiate my own light into the world and reflect back your divine light so that you can see yourself for who and what you really are.

This all started as a blog, to share my journey with you. Then turned into a healing practice. Now, while healing is a part of the work we all need to do, it feels like it is really about discovery. Opening up the veils to allow you to see you in the most raw, honest, and truthful way that you can see yourself. It is about showing you my light, so you can see that it is possible to shine your light bright AND reflecting your light back to you like a mirror, so you can absorb your own magnificent light.

Maybe we are all healing all of the time. But I have started to reframe my own process from healing to discovering myself and light that I hold within.

Join me as we continue to walk the path, to discover what’s next.

Be where you are





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Dmitria Burby

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Dmitria is an author and healer that helps people reconnect with their spirit, accessing wholeness, to unlock joy and happiness in their lives.