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The Archbishop Returns to the Kingdom

This dream was probably the longest dream in dreamtime I have ever had lasting over 2 generations — it takes place in some part of America, probably Idaho, Wyoming, parts of Utah area, many centuries after fall of civilization (apparently via Nuclear war but unclear as though the dream was narrated it described the fall of civilization not in terms we would understand but in the terms of the civilization in the dream — that is to say stuff like ‘The people being wicked God punished them’ etc.)

Feeling wise it was very much a cross between A Canticle for Leibowitz and Swords of Shannara.

At any rate when the young Archbishop has a falling out with his brother the newly anointed king of the kingdom, not wanting to end up getting Thomas Becketted he leaves the kingdom with his entourage. The dream then puts a long focus on the depredations of the king over the years who turns into a regular King John for taxation and a regular Richard the Third for cruelty.

After many gruesome scenes of misery and such the narration switches tone and goes on about how the King little knew his tyranny was coming to an end because out west from the great green forests of Ogone good news was coming, of a troupe of a knights, and at their head a man who spoke with God. Ta da — a vision comes up of the now older young archbishop middle aged but in good health riding with his knights in a sunlit meadow etc.

Then I woke up.

When I fell asleep again it was the same characters in the dream, the archbishop and the king having a sword fight. The archbishop’s knights also are fighting around with the king’s knights and winning because of, I suppose, moral goodness. Towards the end they (archbishop and king) end up fighting on a staircase in a homage (if not just a ripoff) of this Robin Hood bit

Basil Rathbone and Errol Flynn sword fighting on staircase in famous scene from The Adventures of Robin Hood, released in 1938
Did my dreaming mind plagiarize this scene, or craft a loving homage to it?

The archbishop kills his brother and is thus crowned king of the country. Things were going to be okay again! Yeah, sure, dream, never any problems with combining secular and religious power in one figure.I know it’s not good to be cynical about one’s own dreams but c’mon.

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