Ways You Can Actually Use Solar Power to Your Benefit

Solar power is among the greener alternatives that are being used nowadays in place of the much traditional fossil fuels. In simpler words, solar power is basically the future. It is way more efficient, it is pollution free, it reduces the carbon footprint, decreases the greenhouse effect, and is 100 percent environment friendly. Discussed below are a few ways in which you can use solar energy to your benefit in household utilities. Have a read!

Use Solar Power to Heat Your Swimming Pool

Have a swimming pool but cannot use it because it is too cold outside. Times like these make you wish if there was a way that would have allowed you to heat up the swimming pool enough so that you could use it. But what if I told you there is a way to do that? Intrigued, right? Try and add a solar blanket in the pool that will heat up the water so that you can finally enjoy your pool. No unnecessary installments are required. All you need to do is just add the solar blanket and you are good to go. If you wish to store energy for future use or are uncertain about the sunlight in the fore coming days, you can install a solar hybrid inverter. This will help you store the solar power and use it later on.

Power up You Ventilation Using Solar Power

Solar power can used to power up the house’s fans, air conditioners, floor fans, bathroom fans, kitchen fans, etc. Fans are most commonly used to ventilate the air in and out of the house. It is important to move air in as well as out in order to maintain proper ventilation. Ventilation is also important to maintain odor control, moisture levels, and the overall comfort in the house.

Heat Your House with Solar Energy

Solar energy can be used to heat the entire house during cold temperatures. Solar energy heating is usually termed as passive space heating. The reason will be explained further in this pointer. You can use sun heated tubes that will eventually use heat water as a source of heating the entire house. The water in the tubes will be heated by sunlight. You can also use a solar room, a room full of glass that will filter the daylight sunshine and heat up the room. This room can be filled plants and rocks. These rocks will store the heat from the sun during daytime and can later be used to heat any room just like batteries.

Water Heater That Runs On Solar Energy

Have you ever wondered why we use high electricity consuming water heaters and geysers to heat up water when we can use solar power instead? Especially in hotter places, where sunlight is ample, we can utilize solar energy to heat water. We can save tremendous amounts of electricity in the process. Solar panels can be used to store solar power and later be used to heat water. This will be highly efficient and can boost the energy efficiency by almost 35 percent.

Pumps That Run on Solar Power

You can use solar panels in order to trap solar energy and store in the solar hybrid inverters. This stored energy can be used to heat water whenever you want. Now to get this water round your house, you would need a pump. This pump is usually connected to the house’s main power supply so that water finds its way to the house’s water outlets. But what if I told you that you could use solar power to start this pump. Solar energy can be used to start a DC (direct current) motor to easily transport water throughout the house. This technique will greatly increase the efficiency of the whole process.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Powered by Solar Energy

You can once again utilize solar power to fuel your indoor and outdoor lighting in the house. The process is not complicated at all and is very easy to implement. Simply use solar panels to use the solar energy as a source of power and fuel the lighting needs of your house.

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