Give it up for the lumio iOS save app!

Yes, it’s official. The lumio iOS app ‘Save’ is finally here. Only two months after the launch of the reader version — and that time the very first mobile app of lumio — now you can save highlighted text or data, pages and images just like you do on your PC.

Not only is it easy to use lumio on your mobile now, but we’ve also added a bonus feature. Take this short guidance with us to find out all the news!

Tap the Share menu and select lumio to save (First tap ‘…’ (More) to toggle lumio on)

Save webpages, highlights and images

To save a webpage, tap Share in the bottom menu of the Safari app.
To save a highlight, tap Share next to the highlight or in the bottom menu of the Safari app. (Use the bottom menu to save the highlight together with the link to the page. The top menu saves the highlight without the link.)
To save images, open the Photos app, select an image, and tap Share in the bottom menu of the app.

Then in the iOS Share menu, select lumio. If you don’t see lumio there, swipe right, tap ‘…’ (More), and toggle lumio on in the list.

Add custom title, note and collection, then tap Save.

Add notes, collections, custom titles

In the lumio save window, you can add a note and add the card to collections.

But there’s one more thing here:
Now you can also change the Source title to your own custom title! You can add any title you like, lumio will still keep the link to the source and will take you back to the source page.

When you’re finished, just tap Save.

See new cards in the lumio app

Access your cards and collections anywhere, anytime

Now you can not only access your lumio cards and collections on your mobile, but you can add new cards also when on the run.

If you haven’t got the iOS app yet, download it here.

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