Data First Paradigm for Enterprise Apps

Not until very long ago, almost all the enterprise applications started with business processes and focused on how to develop/implement a software solution which would enable the business process to be performed inside an application.

At a very high level, the implementation was a two step process — establish the business process, develop workflows — programming or codification of business process inside the application. For standard processes often starting from scratch was not required and customizations were enough.

SAP and Oracle were the leaders who followed this “business process paradigm”. These apps were supposed to capture the data as it moved across the enterprise.

Enterprise Apps Paradigms

Fast forward to start of the “Data” era. With the advent of cloud and democratization of AI technology — a new wave of applications started emerging. Data became the new oil (or gold) and with the Big Data tech maturing a new paradigm started emerging.

The new wave of Enterprise Apps starts with the data itself — what is the lifecycle, how data flows with the organizations and how it is transformed during its journey. Data is the starting point and the AI algorithms and insightful programming are used to create apps which automatically derive the business process based on data journey. This is the new “data first” paradigm.

Each new wave of incoming data transforms the application and refreshes the underlying models. As a result, the new paradigm enables a data-centric, flexible, easy to maintain, self-learning and adapting application design.

The paradigm shift is interesting and we at Crisp Analytics are betting big on it? How about you? We would love to hear your story.