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Aeron: New Achievements

And How to Buy ARN Tokens with Lumi’s In-Wallet Exchange

Last June we announced Lumi’s partnership with Aeron — an aspiring blockchain project that has a slightly unconventional goal rather than the majority of other crypto startups. Aeron’s blockchain based solution is going to change the way things work in the aviation industry and they are planning to improve our flying experience significantly.

Aeron unites pilots, flights schools, aviation authorities, and consumers and is being developed by the people who are passionate about both aviation and technology. Passion and hard work always pay off so since summer, the team has reached several important milestones.

We decided to share the most important updates and improvements that Aeron has delivered in the past five months.

What’s New?

Movement of database to decentralized and encrypted storage

Aeron main database including user profiles and flight log records was moved to decentralized and encrypted storage. This database is replicated across several cloud-based storage providers to ensure sufficient decentralization.

Pilot profiles now include not only licenses and ratings, but also expiration dates to track license renewals. Profiles support user and aircraft photos as well.

Aviation Authority portal

Aeron started development of Aviation Authority portal to balance privacy with access to flight log records. Workflows are being defined with the help of designated consultants; it is expected that a pilot will be able to submit the logs online, and an authorized officer at the aviation administration will view and process the records.

The Aviation Authority portal will be launched by spring 2019.


CryptoBonusMiles is Aeron’s sub-project that was created to award travelers with extra bonus points and help them save money on flying with different airlines. The current situation with airlines’ loyalty programs is far from perfect. It takes a lot of time and effort for a regular frequent flyer to deal with every single offer that is available to them and not to miss the best deals on the market.

Aeron team aims to create an app that will store all of your airline loyalty cards in one place. You will also be able to discover the new airline loyalty programs, find the best offers, add new cards, track and manage your mile balances, and stay in control of your bonus miles — all within a single interface.

And if that’s not enough, Aeron goes even further: your travel miles won’t expire ever again because the app will help you find valuable offers to spend miles get discounts on flights and hotel bookings, as well as get alerts of upcoming expirations well in time.

CryptoBonusMiles will expand Aeron solution to the mass market for millions of people who have ever flown. It will be tightly integrated with Aeron, offering extra benefits for Aeron (ARN) token holders.

Interested in Getting Yourself Some ARN Tokens Yet?

Who wouldn’t want to get a discount on their next holiday trip? And those of you who travel a lot more than once per year should definitely think about getting some ARN tokens to cut down your travel expenses in the future.

You can easily buy Aeron tokens with our in-wallet exchange powered by Changelly. The exchange is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.

How to Buy ARN Tokens (Or How To Change BTC to ARN)

Step 1

Get yourself the Aeron wallet. You can do it just by clicking a plus sign in the ‘Wallets’ tab. After you choose Aeron from the list and confirm this operation you are all ready for getting some tokens.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Exchange’ tab at the bottom and fill in the field required. Choose the necessary amount of BTC (or any other coins) or ARN you’re willing to exchange.

Step 3

(Skip This Step If You’re Not Exchanging BTC)

You can also decide which BTC transaction fee suits you most depending on your needs.

Lumi wallet provides you with 4 options to choose from:

Regular — takes about 2–24 hours, the amount depends on current network loading. It may vary from 10 satoshis to 250 satoshis per byte, approximately.

Fast — it might be expensive, but you will get confirmations within an hour, costs depend on real-time network load.

Cheap but takes time — 1–20 satoshi per byte, this is close to the minimum but we do not advise you to use it because it may take days or weeks to be confirmed or it may be even rejected by the network.

Custom amount — you can input the whole amount of fee in satoshi. We do not recommend you do it if you are a beginner, but for advanced users, it might be very useful.

Choose the right one from the list and go on with your transaction.

Step 4

Check the details and confirm the transaction.

And that’s it, just have a look at your new balance and start planning your next adventure with Aeron!

What Else

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And if you want to reach out to Lumi, the fastest way to do this is join our Telegram public chat.



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