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Top 10 Best Blockchain Dapp collectibles Games

Is blockchain industry still boring and all about the basic buying and selling of cryptocurrencies for you? What else is there to the crypto industry that everyone keeps on talking about?

Well, there are many crazy things going on that they are talking about. Haven’t you been to crypto Reddit to perceive the degree of madness? Anyway, now we are going to talk about something positive, fun and safu, and that is the unheard-of rise of blockchain games. These games, which were made for crypto lovers or those who only started to wonder what that is, introduce some key blockchain values — decentralization, proof of ownership, transparency — to the gaming process. In addition, all the data stored on the game system are 100% secured by the blockchain technology. With this, users rest assured that their data or game investments are secure. Hence, if you are a fan of the blockchain technology, these games might just be for you.

Presently, there are various blockchain games and choosing the one to start with could take a lot of time. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry as we have picked the top ten best blockchain games we know you would certainly love!

  • Etheremon
  • Cryptokitties
  • Oxuniverse
  • God’s Unchained TCG
  • Hyperdragons
  • Cryptobots
  • Blockchain cuties
  • Cryptocrystal
  • Etherquest
  • Mycrypton
  1. Cryptokitties

The first game on our list is Cryptokitties! Similarly to the Bitcoin and Ethereum that are known to be the first cryptocurrencies — Cryptokitties is one of the most famous games to be built using the blockchain technology.

Cryptokitties is a very popular blockchain technology game that is developed around certain game creatures called the Cryptokitties — adorable cat-like creatures that are breedable and collectible. Cryptokitties is a decentralized game, at least in two paramount aspects — ownership and genes (=breeding mechanism), both being governed by smart contracts. Users can buy, sell and trade their kitties securely. As we’ve somehow mentioned before, each kitty comes with a special genome (closed source) that helps determine its appearance and features. Users are also expected to breed the kitties to create new friends and unlock cat’s rare features.

What made these cryptokitties unique was the fact that unlike the traditional collectibles, cryptokitties can be nurtured to produce a new offspring that is different from its parents. Although cryptokitties are not a cryptocurrency, they can still be bought and sold securely (if, of course, you take the due wallet protection steps)

2. Etheremon

The second on our list is the Etheremon game. Etheremon creates a completely new world of things called Etheremons, often contracted to Mons. You feel like their name sounds familiar? It’s alright and it’s no secret: Etheremons are a blatant reference to Pokémons, Japanese-born creatures who have conquered the world twice already — as the anime series at the end of the nineties and as an augmented reality game Pokémon GO in 2016. Do Mons aim to repeat their inspirer’s success? I’d say it remains to be seen. Well, IMHO, it’s too bad there has already been Cryptokitties madness to grab the iconoclast-crypto-game-of-the-year title. Just because people do love cats.

Anyway, It is the first blockchain game to open an era of Games 3.0 where it allows you to capture, prepare, transform and trade your Mons with other users. It combines the use of blockchain and the virtual reality technology to offer an incredible gaming experience to its users.

When playing the game, there are two major things you can do: 1) Train and Sell Mons for Profit 2) Mine EMONT Token (surprise!)

Etheremon’s units training logic is relatively simple: the more you train them, the more value the Mons accumulate. The game also comes with various levels that allow you get the Mons from the game store, train the Mons to grow and lay eggs. Of course, there’s that true blockchain ownership thing too (no surprises here)

In addition, Etheremon allows you to mine the in-game cryptocurrency known as EMONT. EMONT is a ERC20 token whose total number is limited 20 million tokens therefore, if this game is of interest to you, it is reasonable to join the game on early stages to be able to mine more EMONTS. One good feature about the Emonts is that you can either use them as the in-game currency or trade them for Ether thus, increasing its value.

3. OxUniverse

Oxuniverse is another interesting game that was developed using the blockchain technology. The game, Oxuniverse, allows users to acquire their planets, build spaceships, receive the necessary resources or tools needed to increase your wealth, produce a fleet and become a capitalist on a galactic scale. The game also allows users to reap the economic rewards, and explore the world of Oxuniverse. Furthermore, it allows users to find artifacts on the planets that tell stories of other races that once populated the galaxy before the emergence of humans. This allows users to discover the secret of how life started by combining forces with other explorers to figure it out. Just like any other entrepreneur, users will need a wallet to hold a little seed capital.

In addition, the game gives users the opportunity to monitor their collection of resources. The most valuable resource in the game is a planet. The more planets, the more the opportunities will be given to the user. Nevertheless, it is important to note that every planet has its own special features and outlook. On every Oxuniverse planet, the population grows and the resources are extracted. Each of its planets has its various attributes hence, the speed of its growth and the formation of its resources are different for each planet. The game has other features such as the planet auction that allows users to easily buy and sell planets.

4. Gods unchained TCG

Gods Unchained is a competitive E-sport digital card PVP game (created to EtherBots team), that, again, allows players to have actual ownership of their cards. This also means users can trade their cards freely. It also makes use of a gaming infrastructure known as Apollo — This in-game communication platform was built to help enhance the gaming experience of its users.

The game was made out of the combination of ideas from great games such as Fearia, Hearthstone, and Magic: The Gathering Arena. The game has various Gods with their outstanding play-style, their features, and even voice lines. You build a deck (with your cards), and this is where your strategic thinking is supposed to take the stage. The card packs are also used to participate in duels/tournaments.

The prize pool for their future world tournament (expected in 2019 Q1) is more than $115k (and aiming at much much more), and one of their most renowned crypto investors is Coinbase. Impressive, huh?

5. HyperDragons

Hyperdragons is about fighting. You can guess that the unique-collectible-tradable-totally owned-whatever-Hyperdragon creatures are used for that. Those dragons can be different by personality and attack power, somehow defined by genotype and phenotype. Generation matters: the higher the cooler, same as in CryptoKitties, and there’s an element of breeding outcome unpredictability, too. They also highlight the fun experience their game gives: arenas, castles, resources and stuff.

The price of every dragon depends on the features of the dragon. Once the dragon is purchased, the player is expected to train the dragon to develop certain traits. Players are also allowed to exchange their lesser valued dragons for much better breeding eggs. This, in turn, helps to equalize the fiscal balance within the ecosystem.

What makes this game different is that unlike other platforms that benefit early players rather than new players, the Hyperdragons gives all players equal opportunities. This is achievable through the open Arena that is created for Dragon fights hence, allowing both the participants and spectators the chance to predict the winners. In this case, the correct predictions bring bonuses and other rewards for the players.

6. Cryptobots

Cryptobot is a multiplayer game that gives users access to their digital assets known as the bots. The bots are the property of the player — users can buy, sell, recycle or trade their bots like any traditional collector’s items.

The game allows users to breed bots (regularly, like living creatures) — you need to own two bots for that or rent of from a factory. You can win bots in battles, and those PrizeBots always have some unique features compared to bred ones. In addition, outdated bots can be upgraded. These bots can further be used for online battles between armies of bots. The most important feature of Cryptobots is the user’s ability to make money. For users to make money, they can sell off their bot on auction; place it for manufacturing or even cross it with another bot to generate an offspring. You can also take part in tournaments: the current (happening right now) tournament prize fund is 4 ETH: not that big yet, but not that small too, compared with the number of participants. Nevertheless, the game makes use of a MetaMask wallet, which requires users to load their wallet with Ethereum, as the ETH is required for it to operate.

7. Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain cuties is a crypto game that involves collectibles and adventures. Users get to play with various digital animals such as puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other creatures, which could be real, or fantasy alike. These creatures are known as cuties — each cutie is special and belongs to the owner completely. Users are allowed to collect and breed them. Users are also expected to test their creatures’ battle skills, arm them and train them up. What is more, the blockchain cuties can be sent on adventures.

Each of the cuties can be transferred to other players or traded with any of the user’s choice. The game comes with a very diverse collection of creatures for users to choose their favorite.

There are some special cuties inspired by real-world celebrity pets of pop culture characters: if you want a breedable, blockchain version of, say, Shiba-inu Doge, it’s there for you.

The blockchain cuties also have a highly competitive multiplayer mode that works with roll-the-dice battles in various locations.

8. CryptoCrystal

Crypto Crystal is a game that gives users access to various digital crystals — “with a human personality and cute like animals” (happily, not vice versa) When playing the Crypto crystal, the players can mine, collect and trade mysterious living minerals that reside within the blockchain. The crypto crystal comes with various outstanding features that helps make the game interesting. We didn’t manage to know much about the gameplay, unfortunately, but those look complicated in a good way.

It has a reserve of 210,000 ton that can be adjusted accordingly. The game has almost 100 various types of crystals with each crystal having its own name, personality and features. Users can also obtain, enlarge or trade their crystals.

9. EtherQuest

Etherquest is a fantasy game that comes with RPG elements. EtherQuest is created based on collectible warriors that vary from rare warriors to common and special warriors. Each warrior is different and it 100% belongs to its owner. The warriors can be sent to battle in other to increase their value and they can be pitched against other warriors. However, the special warriors are the best and they are also the most expensive jewels. Thus, the earlier users begin on Etherquest, the higher their chances.

In addition, players are allowed to buy collectible warriors using Ether as a means of payment. These collectibles cannot be destroyed or taken away from the rightful owner. Users can also mine for warriors in other to get new and unique collectibles. Other features of the Etherquest are the Arena where the warriors fight and the tournament where warriors win prizes.

10. Mycryptons

MyCryptons is a game that has a non-fungible ERC-721 token. It combines the use of digital collectibles, games, social media interaction and political expression. Every Crypton is specially created and they represent a fictional version of its real life or physical character. The cryptons are accompanied by a short and edgy tagline, which can be personalized and shared by the owner. The owners of the Cryptons tend to profit if its price goes up as well as the in-game revenue, which is shared.

Players have fun collecting cryptons, which tends to be transformative as they live on the blockchain with a securely stored transaction history. The cryptons can be posted directly to social media and they can be downloaded and shared with family and friends. However, when a user’s crypton increases in value, such user tends to make a profit.

So, there are many of them games today: some are almost like goode olde strategies, some stress their collective aspect. There’s going to be many, many more of them each year (for the dapps perspectives insights please refer to our beloved Diana’s Hackernoon article).

If after reading this article you’re still on the fence about what game to choose, we suggest a fun read that recently caught our attention: It’s a fresh blockchain games portal with its own distinctive ironic style. They write snarky game reviews (more than one had us smirking at their honesty), and provide some vital market stats, a toolbox for market data analytics, and a helpful FAQ section that answers common techy queries.

For now, we in Lumi choose games by their looks and the gameplay since there are not many active users compared to traditional online games.

If you are bored of visiting each games’ websites to check your assets and their worth in Metamask, you can also check out Lumi Collect — a nice and easy (in fact, the first existing) app to keep all your collectibles in one place.

Please, let us know what you think here or in our Telegram public chat and subscribe to our Twitter and Medium not to miss Lumi and other crypto news:)

P.S. Our Reddit is really gaining steam right now, join us there too:)



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