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Ways to Spend your Crypto

Above all else, cryptocurrency is money. And one of the most exciting things that you can do with money, except for making it, is of course, spending it. Crypto may not be universally accepted yet but each year the number of merchants embracing top currencies only continues to grow.

Accepting new things takes time, but we’re clearly moving in the right direction. And with Christmas just around the corner, who knows, you might even get an idea for the perfect present for a loved-one, conveniently purchased in the most-advanced way.

Gift Cards

Since we started talking about presents, let’s have a look at some crypto offers. Gift cards are probably not the most creative present, but creativity doesn’t always do well in the long run. Sometimes it’s better to just be practical. In this case, sites like Gyft or eGifter come in quite handy. You can purchase gift cards from many different stores and brands including Nike, Amazon, and even Walmart with your crypto.

Luxury Goods

For those of you who like ‘the finer things in life’, there won’t be any shortage of those offers either. More and more online marketplaces where you can buy watches, jewelry, and other high-end brand items exclusively with crypto are starting to enter the market. If you live in the EU, you can easily get your diamonds on Bitdials. Fancy changing a car? How about a ฿351 Porsche? Delouvois, a BTC-slash-luxury goods marketplace, offers an impressive collection of luxury goods including cars, art pieces, antiques, and even real estate.


If you feel like going on vacation, CheapAir is there for you. They are the first US travel agency to work with crypto. For European travelers there’s airBaltic, which has been accepting BTC payments via BitPay since 2015 and Destinia, a Spanish travel agency where you can pay with bitcoin as well.

And if you’ve already been everywhere in the world and think that probably nothing can surprise you anymore, we have one more tip. Virgin Galactic offers space travels and you can conveniently check out with BTC.

Electronics, Popular Goods, and Services

Microsoft, without a doubt, is the veteran of BTC acceptance as they started accepting bitcoin payments back in 2014. Currently, you can buy games, movies, and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores.

Overstock is one of the largest online marketplaces that provides a crypto payment option and a huge variety of goods.

VPN services such as AirVPN, VikingVPN, TorGuard, and CloakVPN can be easily purchased with crypto.

If you think that it’s already pretty impressive that so many merchants are already cryptocurrency friendly, we’ve got more news for you. Meet HTC Exodus 1! It is not your average smartphone, considering the fact that it can only be purchased with BTC or ETH and is meant specifically for cryptocurrency investors. The first little step into the future that neglects fiat money.

Food and Beverages

Feeling hungry yet? Say no more, we’ve found some good deals for you!

Apart from the traditional way of trading bitcoins for pizza, you can now purchase Subway sandwiches in some areas in the US and Argentina. And next time you’re in Arnhem, Netherlands, check out their Burger King venue — checking out with some BTC won’t be a problem there. If fast food is not exactly your thing, we recommend having a look at bitcoinrestaurants, and finding the right dining place for your taste.

Many local coffee shops worldwide accept cryptocurrency payments. The initiative usually comes from enthusiastic shop owners who are more than willing to make their contribution. However, big businesses are starting to catch up. In the summer, Starbucks announced that they are going to accept payments from the Bakkt app and that alliance will allow you to pay for your Caramel Macchiato with crypto.


A lot of people who are doing donations prefer to stay anonymous and what better way to execute a private transaction than to do it in crypto? There are many coins dedicated specifically to charity purposes and lots of organizations are accepting all sorts of cryptocurrency donations.

Unconventional Purchases

What do plastic surgery and crypto have in common? Apart from them both being rather controversial, at Bodysculp you can always get your girlfriend (or boyfriend) a Brazilian butt lift and pay for it with bitcoins. And if that ends up in the worst way, they can purchase a coffin using crypto at Crescent Tide.

They say you can even order a lap dance with your BTC somewhere in Vegas! But we’re not exactly sure about that…

For more options, you can also try out CoinMap to find the best bitcoin deals near you.

What Else?

With the help of Lumi Wallet’s in-wallet exchange powered by Changelly, you can always buy crypto with crypto. And Lumi Collect has just released a new update with an in-app browser for all your gaming needs. Have a look at all those new games we’ve added and surprise your friends with a cute Christmas collectible!

Join our Telegram public chat and tell us all about your crypto shopping experience. Or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to get even more ideas!



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