Luna Completes Its First Orbit of Earth

A Birthday, And Some Highlights From 2017 and 2018

Miles Ornish
Oct 13, 2018 · 3 min read

Luna launched in October 2017 to better connect people on and offline. We’re thrilled to have launched the world’s first live blockchain powered dating app with [LSTR] on Qtum. Based out of New York and Berlin, we’re inspired to work with technology that improves our relationships with information, ourselves, and each other. Our mission isn’t to connect us to more apps — it’s to connect us to our best selves.

We use this year-in-review to compare our performance with our projected timelines and thereby improve our predictions of the future.


October 2017:


  • Luna team at DevCon3
  • Social media and marketing
  • Online analytics survey to curate compatible attendees to The Castle Unconference
  • Development of Luna webapp MVP begins


  • Luna mention in
  • Legal counsel structures token sale compliance
  • Carl joins as Back-End Engineer
  • Mirela joins as Product Manager
  • Andy Tian, head of Gifto project, joins as advisor
  • Development of Luna webapp MVP

January 2018:

  • FAQ release in EN + KR
  • IT and security, penetration testing and red team assessment
  • KR meetup at Jam2Go
  • Jung-hee Ryu of Futureplay and FoundationX joins as advisor
  • Dmitry Filatov, CEO of TopFace, ICORating, and ICOShark joins as advisor
  • Launch of Luna webapp MVP


  • Luna [LSTR] token sale
  • Luna opens office in New York City
  • Begin search for Technical Recruiter and Head of Engineering


  • Mention in CoinTelegraph
  • Martin joins as Tech. Recruiter
  • Develop proprietary personality insights for user-profiling
  • Development continues on Luna webapp


  • Kai joins as Head of Engineering
  • Release analytics questionnaire to >4,000 people via Reddit and Twitter
  • Luna NYC hosts Women in Blockchain event
  • Development continues on Luna webapp


  • Formation of Luna Labs GmbH, Berlin subsidiary
  • Developed iOS and Androids applications for Castle Unconference
  • Tested experimental bluetooth beacon network heatmap hardware
  • Mention in Financial Times
  • Development continues on Luna webapp


  • Product architecture iterations
  • Jake Cho joins as KR Community Manager
  • Luna webapp version 0.2.1 deployed
  • Luna webapp version 0.3.0 deployed


  • Andre and Suzie speak at the NYC Biz-tech symposium
  • Luna X Gangnam meetup at Korea Blockchain Week
  • Begin search for a COO with experience scaling software organizations
  • Announce LSTR move from Qtum to Ethereum
  • Luna webapp version 0.4.1 deployed


  • Begin app development for Block Seoul
  • Internal prototyping of features and modules
  • Hiring outreach for additional backend developer
  • Mention in The Economist
  • Addy joins as global community manager


  • Andre presents at Block Seoul alongside Jimmy Wales, Bobby Lee, and Lieutenant James Clapper
  • Luna powers the official Block Seoul conference app
  • LSTR is accepted alongside BTC and ETH for ticket purchases
  • Ongoing product development
  • Preparation for swap to Ethereum
  • First iterations of website update


  • Luna opens office in Berlin to scale our dev team
  • Website update development
  • Onboarding UX Lead
  • Preparation for the swap to Ethereum



It's time for a better dating app. Meet Luna.

Miles Ornish

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It's time for a better dating app. Meet Luna.

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