Token Swap Instructions

Luna 🌙
Luna 🌙
Nov 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Step 1. Visit the official Luna token switch website ( The link will be also cross-posted on our Telegram, Twitter, and Medium pages. Cross check with all official sources to ensure the link is correct before sending any LSTR! We won’t be able to return tokens sent to the wrong address.

Step 2. Enter your own Ethereum address that you control (i.e., have the private key and a backup). Do NOT use an exchange address. If you do not already have an Ethereum address, we recommend using Metamask. For a detailed guide on using MetaMask, click here. After downloading Metamask for the first time, please return to the swap website and refresh if needed.

Step 3. You’ll receive a Qtum address. Send your old LSTR to this Qtum address. We recommend testing with a low number first, but ensure that the amounts you send are above the minimum token amount of 1000 LSTR as well.

Step 4. Check to see if you’ve received your new LSTR at your Ethereum address. (This might take a day, or longer over a weekend). Once you have, feel free to start transferring the rest of your LSTR.

Remember! You will have a year to complete the swap. Any future products we build will only be usable with the ETH LSTR.

Token Swap FAQs:

What is a token swap?

  • A token swap is when a cryptocurrency token like LSTR moves from one blockchain (in this case, Qtum) to another (in this case, Ethereum).

Why are you doing a token swap?

  • While we’ve learned a lot from our time working with Qtum, we believe Ethereum offers us more innovative opportunities in the future.

Will I lose LSTR in the swap?

  • No, your LSTR will be exchanged at a 1:1 rate from Qtum LSTR to ETH LSTR.

How do I find the swap website and correct address?

  • The swap website is and will be posted on our Telegram, Twitter, and Medium pages. Please cross check with all official sources to ensure you have the right website as we anticipate high scammer activity during this process. Protect yourself, stay safe, and be diligent.

Where can I find the new Ethereum LSTR token?

  • The contract address is 0xC80daE9129389C4ef6E7DBfAeE40f28DE49dE3a6.
  • You can view details about the token here.

What happens if I make a mistake or send my tokens to the wrong address?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot retrieve or restore your tokens if they’re sent to the wrong address. It is a good idea to send a small amount of LSTR as a test before attempting any larger transactions, but amounts less than 1000 LSTR will not work.

Where can I find help during the process?

  • You’ll find 24/7, real-time help from our admins at the Luna Telegram group. Only members with ‘admin’ tags are official representatives of Luna, and we will never contact you first or ask you to send us tokens directly.


It's time for a better dating app. Meet Luna.

Luna 🌙

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Luna 🌙



It's time for a better dating app. Meet Luna.

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