[52 Week Cosmos] Week 11, 2019

A Weekly Cosmos Ecosystem Update (Mar 6— Mar 12)

Mar 13 · 2 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen,

he Cosmos rocketship has completed its pre-flight checks. The weather is clear, and we’re good for launch.

Please fasten your seatbelts… This is gonna be a big one.

Cosmos / Tendermint

Cosmos (Launching Mar 13, 23:00 GMT)

The Cøsmos DeLorean is FINALLY ready to go!
Game of Stakes panel discussion


Happy Women’s Day from Tendermint!

Upcoming Events

  • (Mar 13, 23:00 GMT) Cosmos Launch Livestream [Link]
  • (April 1, Berkeley CA) Hands-On Workshop #3 ~ Building an Application Using the Cosmos-SDK [Link]


IRIS Network

Binance Chain

  • List your (test)coin on the Binance DEX testnet [Link]


  • Sentinel will be running Forbole’s Big Dipper explorer. Good to see collaborations in the ecosystem! [Link]

Loom Network

  • Loom Network x Binance collaboration on Zombie Battleground [Link]


  • Forbole’s first meetup [Link]


  • Discussions on FOAM Map gamification [Link]


  • ‘Is Bitcoin a store-of-value?’ debate [Link]

Did we miss anything? If you’re building on Cosmos/Tendermint/Cosmos-sdk, we’d love to feature your projects’ updates in the next 52 Week Cosmos. Feel free to reach out to us via email (atlas@lunamint.com) or tweet us.

Lunamint ATLAS

Guide to the CØSMOS Ecosystem


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Lunamint ATLAS

Guide to the CØSMOS Ecosystem