[52 Week Cosmos] Week 16, 2019



  • Cosmos-SDK v0.34.0 released [Changelog]
  • Chorus One’s Felix Lutsch shares a comprehensive overview of Cosmos Hub staking and rewards
  • Research discussions regarding disincentivizing validator centralization. Ideas with slashing levels increasing with voting power. The question is: how do you prevent sybil validators?

Upcoming Events

  • [April 23–24, Toronto] Rebuild Conference (Ethan Buchman)



  • Proposal #4: Enable fungible token issuance on the Cosmos Hub is in voting phase. Check out the Cosmos forum discussions
  • Proposal #3 voting period coming to an end. Strong support to enable transfers with 92% yes votes.
  • WIP led by Figment Networks on formalizing the software upgrade proposal format and process. Add your thoughts and suggest edits here.
  • Cosmos researcher and Sikka validator Sunny Aggarwal draft proposal to refund proposals on No votes, and only burn on majority NoWithVeto votes to incentivize more proposals.

Validator Updates

stake.fish + Sunny Aggarwal (Sikka) stopping by at EDCON Sydney


Iris Network


Lino Network


  • Upcoming releases: Sentinel Desktop Client v0.1.2, Tendermint & Ethereum testnet node update, Sentinel Android App update
  • dVPN node incentivization planned


Did we miss anything? If you’re building on Cosmos/Tendermint/Cosmos-sdk, we’d love to feature your projects’ updates in the next 52 Week Cosmos. Feel free to reach out to us via email (atlas@lunamint.com) or tweet us.