[52 Week Cosmos] Week 17, 2019

A Weekly Cosmos Ecosystem Update (Apr 18 — Apr 24)

Apr 24 · 3 min read



Upcoming Events

  • [April 24th — 25th, Toronto] Blockchain Revolution Global (with Ethan Buchman, Co-founder of Cosmos)
  • [April 28th, Berkeley] She256 (with Chjango Unchained, Director of Community)


  • IBC architecture documentation is nearing completion and ready-for-review. Track discussions here.
  • Many discussions around IBC are moving from the ‘strawman phase’ to the ‘concrete phase’


Proposal #5: Expedited Cosmos Upgrade Proposal

  • Proposal #5 Final count: Yes 92.34% / No 3.3% / NoWithVeto 3.9% / Abstain 0.44% / 83.12% of bonded Atoms took part in voting
  • Validators and delegators came together to pass the expedited proposal to enable Atom transfers on the Cosmos Hub
  • Some concerns were raised regarding time-period of the software upgrade (The Easter holiday and about 3 hours from stopping Cosmoshub-1 to starting Cosmoshub-2), but software upgrade process went smoothly

‘Proposal #4: Issuance of fungible tokens on the Cosmos Hub’

[Forum Discussion Link]

As of April 24, 2019 07:30 UTC

Validator Updates

  • P2P Validator showcases a new user-dashboard to track rewards, income across various assets, and staking balance


Binance Chain

Iris Network

  • IRISnet & Cosmos AMA with Chinese crypto media PANews. Discussions about the impact of interchain technology in the blockchain industry
  • MathWallet adds IRISnet token support

Terra (Mainnet has launched!)

  • Terra mainnet (Columbus 1.0) has launched. [Explorer]
  • A brief intro on the Terra network and the Terra-Luna currency dynamics (featuring Terra co-founder Do Kwon and Cosmos co-founder Jae Kwon)


  • Sentinel Relay Net sneak peek
  • Total bandwidth consumption on the Sentinel network has exceeded 50TB
  • The Sentinel Lite Android application has been updated to v0.2.2. New updates feature node filters, privacy enhancements, and language addition


Did we miss anything? If you’re building on Cosmos/Tendermint/Cosmos-sdk, we’d love to feature your projects’ updates in the next 52 Week Cosmos. Feel free to reach out to us via email (atlas@lunamint.com) or tweet us.

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