[52 Week Cosmos] Week 18, 2019

A Weekly Cosmos Ecosystem Update (Apr 25— May 1)

May 2 · 3 min read



  • Cosmos-SDK v0.34.2 and v0.34.3 released
  • imToken wallet adds Atom staking support
  • Application for Interchain Foundation funding has opened. Deadline is May 5, Apply here
  • Exchanges beginning to add in-exchange staking feature for Atom holders

Upcoming Events

  • New York Blockchain Week
    [May 13–15] Construct — with Jae Kwon & Zaki Manian
    [May 15] Solana Meetup — with Zaki Manian
    [May 16–17] Token Summit IV — with Sunny Aggarwal & Zaki Manian


‘Proposal #4: Issuance of fungible tokens on the Cosmos Hub ’— [Rejected]

[Forum Discussion Link]


With 57.14% of staked Atoms participating in governance:

Yes 45.85% / No 35.93% / NoWithVeto 18.17% / Abstain 0.02%

  • Proposal on signalling for the issuance fungible tokens on the Cosmos Hub was rejected by governance
  • Issuance of tokens on the Cosmos Hub was not limited by the tech available, but rather the vision of the Cosmos Hub simply being a ‘connector’ between other chains that issue tokens

‘Proposal Changes to the Cosmos Hub’ — [Draft Phase]

[Forum Discussion Link]

Key Points:

  • Increase double slashing penalty from current 5% to 20%
  • Adjust the speed that the inflation rate adjusts to amount staked by a factor of four
  • Increase the maximum validator limit from 100 to 150
  • Increase community tax from 2% to 10%

Articles & Blogs


  • Track progress on IBC spec-ing here

Validator Updates


Binance Chain

  • Many wallets add support for the new Binance Chain
  • Mithril and MyWish announces migration to Binance Chain

Iris Network




  • Mrinal Wadhwa, CTO of Ockam, hosting a session on Machine Identity. More info here

Did we miss anything? If you’re building on Cosmos/Tendermint/Cosmos-sdk, we’d love to feature your projects’ updates in the next 52 Week Cosmos. Feel free to reach out to us via email (atlas@lunamint.com) or tweet us.

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